Garry and Susan Shaw own Hickory Hill Farm along with their daughter and son-in-law, Jennifer and Josh Johns. Hickory Hill Farm is a multi-generational family farm, with Josh and Jennifer being the sixth generation to farm the land. The farm has been in Susan’s family since 1852, and rests on a 204 acre tract of land located in Northeast Georgia’s Glade community in Oglethorpe County.

Currently, there are three generations working on the farm, with a fourth in training. Both Garry and Susan’s parents live on the farm with Garry and Susan. Garry’s mother, Alice, works alongside everyone packaging vegetables for retail and wholesale outlets. Josh and Jennifer’s three children are out in the garden every Wednesday and Friday learning the way of the land. What they desire to pass on to their children is twofold: the generational heritage of farming and healthy, farmable land to one day manage their own farming endeavors.

In addition to fruits and vegetables, the farm is home to cattle, sheep, horses, mule-foot pigs, free-range chickens, a Great Pyrenees named Thor, and a duck named Khaki.

Hickory Hill is dedicated to organic growing methods and sustainable agricultural practices. The land is crucial to Hickory Hill, and how it is treated now determines the ability to produce healthy, delicious food for future generations.