Lettuce – Two Star (Green Loose Leaf) Organic


Lettuce – Two Star (Green Loose Leaf) Organic (Per Head)

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Delicate, and tender. Mix it with the red loose leaf lettuce for a beautiful salad. You will most definitely enjoy this lettuce.

Dress loose leaf lettuce with very light olive oil and vinegar based vinaigrettes . . . never use heavy and/or creamy dressings on this variety of lettuce. And also never, ever used bottled dressings that have loads of preservatives included that can’t be pronounced!

Vinaigrettes are 1 measurement of olive oil to ⅓ measurement of vinegar (for this salad, I used Balsamic vinegar). I also enjoy using a high quality red wine vinegar too. So for an example, use 3/4 cup olive oil to ⅓ cup vinegar. It all depends on how many people you are serving to increase or decrease this formula.

Then I slice about 10 – 12 green onions and toss those in the lettuce.

With just a dusting sprinkle of freshly cracked sea salt and black pepper to taste, this salad is complete!

If you want to really eat like a humble Italian peasant, place a large amount of the loose leaf salad between two slices of bread. It is so simple, so easy, and so delicious!